Anvilogic and Snowflake Partner to Modernize Security Operations

Anvilogic and Snowflake Partner to Modernize Security Operations

Modern SOC

Anvilogic’s modern security operations platform now integrates with Snowflake to help unify siloed security data and alerts. The Snowflake-Anvilogic partnership prepares the SOC for new and future cloud workloads and delivers the visibility security teams need to quickly detect, hunt, triage, and respond to cybersecurity threats specific to their organization.  

“Many security teams have invested time and resources in their SIEM, but struggle with the cost and limitations of using it at cloud scale,” said Omer Singer, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy at Snowflake. “These organizations have asked for a solution that will help them extend their existing investments together with the Snowflake Data Cloud, without duplicating interfaces or detection rules. I’m excited for our partnership with Anvilogic delivering just that: flexibility on the underlying data platform in a top-notch SOC platform.”

Anvilogic’s Modern SOC Platform Powered by Snowflake to deliver better cybersecurity

  • Faster threat detection and incident response: Centralized automated detection, hunting and triage to streamline the detection and response process
  • Enhance your hunting practice: Visualize alerts across frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK to quickly escalate critical events for triage
  • Better identify high-fidelity alerts: Quickly build new pattern-based detections across single events to build a clear narrative of an attack across silos
  • Gain data consistency and continuity: Easily normalize, tag, and enrich across security data lakes, multiple on-prem and cloud logging data sources like AWS, Azure, Splunk, and vendor alerts like CrowdStrike, Carbon Black, and ProofPoint to quickly deploy detections and correlate alerts
  • Become cloud-agnostic: Security the way you want it and data where you need it without compromising threat detection, hunting, triage or response
  • Deliver mature security with visibility and insights: Use the Anvilogic Maturity Score to quickly identify security detection gaps and ML-driven recommendations to continuously prioritize critical vulnerabilities

Re-Imagine Your SOC with Anvilogic and Snowflake

Anvilogic and Snowflake Partner to Modernize Security Operations

Increase Detection Coverage

Anvilogic provides customers an easy toggle option between a managed configuration (where Anvilogic manages the Snowflake instance) or their own connected configuration (customer owns Snowflake).

With Anvilogic’s ability to query across Snowflake and other logging platforms and integrate alerts from sources like Crowdstrike, Carbon Black, ProofPoint, (and more), organizations working with either cloud or hybrid environments can now increase security detection coverage (and lower costs).

Anvilogic creates a centralized SOC platform making it easier for security operations teams to migrate, analyze and normalize data from their security ecosystems. With clear visibility into data quality and detections across your data sources, security analysts can leverage Anvilogic’s machine learning-driven recommendations to better correlate alerts and quickly identify attack patterns to close security gaps. By integrating these security workflows, detection gaps across technologies and logging platforms used by the SOC can be eliminated.  

Reduce Time to Detect & Respond

By integrating with Snowflake, Anvilogic can handle schema definition, parsing, extraction, and normalization to support the development of security use cases and provide production-ready detections for faster deployment.  The Anvilogic event summary dashboard enables security analysts to visualize alerts across various frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK, Kill Chain, or custom frameworks.  By reducing noisy alerts and enabling pattern-based detections, SecOps can focus on the incidents that require immediate response, like phishing or DDoS attacks.

Additionally, with Anvilogic, security teams receive daily updates on trending threats and vulnerabilities specific to their organization along with high-efficacy, AI-driven threat scenarios that help focus the team on events of interest specific to their organization. The no-code scenario builder gives security engineers the ability to deliver uniform detection and response across Snowflake and other logging platforms, reducing the time to build and deploy detection code from days to hours.

Scale Your Security for the Future & Reduce Cost

Anvilogic natively integrates with Snowflake giving security teams the ability to seamlessly query events across legacy and cloud-native data repositories without the need for centralization or duplication. This also helps to reduce reliance on legacy SIEMs.  

"Legacy SIEM and security analytics solutions struggle to keep up with modern cloud needs, fast-breaking and sophisticated cyber-attacks, or changing business priorities. With limited resources – rising costs and hard-to-find SOC skills – and being forced to do more with less, protecting the business is hard when security teams can't keep up," said Karthik Kannan, CEO, and Founder, Anvilogic. "We're excited Anvilogic, powered by Snowflake, provides detection and deployment options that align with customers' security operation cloud strategies and overall business needs. No longer do customers need to choose between security efficacy and business priorities, nor settle for legacy approaches.

"While providing clear visibility and highly-accurate behavioral detections across all of your organizational hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud data platforms, Anvilogic helps to limit the impact on security operations by making it easy for new data sources to be ingested.

The Anvilogic Security Operations Platform powered by Snowflake makes security operations better, faster, and stronger.  Learn more about how Anvilogic can help modernize your security operations or reach out to our team of experts and we’ll be in touch right away.

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