Threat Hunting Ain’t Easy, But Getting Started Is: Introducing Anvilogic Hunt

Threat Hunting Ain’t Easy, But Getting Started Is: Introducing Anvilogic Hunt

Detection Strategies

Since our inception, we’ve spoken to many customers about improving their existing workflows and making them the heroes of their organizations. As a result, we’ve continuously improved our platform so that they can build detections faster and with more accuracy across hybrid and multi-cloud platforms. We’ve also embedded AI throughout, so they can automate manual processes and gain actionable recommendations. One key area where customers want to grow more is their threat hunting capabilities. 

As opposed to the reactive nature of investigating and responding to detected threats, hunting is a proactive activity in which hunters actively search for signs of potential threats that may have evaded traditional security defenses. 

Like a detective who looks for clues to catch criminals before they can cause harm, threat hunting helps organizations detect threats early before they can cause significant damage. 

Threat hunting empowers organizations of all sizes with early threat detection, faster incident response, proactive risk mitigation, and continuous improvement of security posture. 

However, threat hunting is — in a word — hard. 

Like Liam Neeson in Taken, threat hunting requires a particular set of skills acquired over time. 

A deep amount of expertise, including understanding an organization’s environment and selecting the appropriate tools and technologies to enable effective hunting. Then it’s the hunt itself that requires a hypothesis or assumption about a potential threat or vulnerability lurking in the environment. 

Threat hunters need to investigate and document their findings in a way that tells the story of what happened that is easily followed and referenceable to upper management. And on top of that, assembling a team of expert hunters to do all this. The learning curve is steep, and most organizations don’t have the resources to dedicate themselves to building out a hunting practice. 

That’s where Anvilogic comes in. 

Introducing Anvilogic Hunt, a new and intuitive way for security teams to get started hunting for threats directly on the Anvilogic platform. 

Based on real-world hunting techniques, Anvilogic Hunt greatly lowers the barrier for security teams looking to grow (or supplement) their organization’s hunting practice without starting from scratch. By utilizing pre-built hypotheses, graphical link analysis, and intuitive query builder, Hunt empowers SOC teams to build more proactive security practices into existing workflows by investigating and hunting for threats within the Anvilogic platform. As a result, organizations can reduce risk and investigation times while maturing their team’s hunting skills.

Start Your Hunt

All threat hunts start with a hypothesis, and with Anvilogic Hunting Insights acting as an AI-powered pre-built hypothesis, analysts can quickly investigate their data. In addition, Hunt provides analysts with an intuitive query builder to search and pivot off of interesting, high-fidelity events (or Events of Interest in the Anvilogic platform) without having to be an expert in search languages or coding.

Show Your Work

In Anvilogic Hunt, it’s easy to document the pieces of the story that proves (or disproves) your hypothesis and the corresponding resolution. Take notes, add evidence, and perform link analysis of impacted users or systems for easy audibility and accountability. 

When you’re ready, share your findings with a direct link or a report for fellow teammates and upper management so you can gain better recommendations on the next steps or how to improve.

Save Your Progress

Anvilogic Hunt provides a list of hunts you and the team have done. Whether “in progress” or “completed,” you can revisit previous hunts at any time to update events and findings or simply look back as a reference.

Scale Your Team

Do more with the team you already have and incorporate hunting techniques into your existing SOC workflows with Anvilogic Hunt. Hunt allows your team to “think like threat hunters” and build up their skills, so you don’t have to rely on those with prior experience to get started. Keep morale up and keep churn down!

If your organization happens to employ threat hunters already (congrats, btw!), Hunt is a great way to supplement what they already do. Threat hunters can start a Hunt from scratch, document their findings within the Anvilogic platform, and review their team’s work in a way that is actually actionable to them as the experienced hunter — win-win!

Proactive security reduces risk, and incorporating hunting techniques is now easier than ever with the Anvilogic platform. Explore our data sheet, check out this demo, or reach out to talk to us. And if you’re an Anvilogic customer already, Hunt is available to try today! 

Say no to not having enough time to hunt and instead say, “Yaas, hunting!” 

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