Detection Engineering Dispatch

Detection Engineering Dispatch

Detection Engineering 101 to empower splunk users

Bi-Weekly on Thursdays

June 8, 2023 | 11:00-11:30 AM PDT

We’re hosting recurring bi-weekly sessions where we’ll surface detection engineering best practices, trending threats, detection content or a hands-on workshop. 

Our team is building a variety of sessions to help you and your peers learn together, engage in discussions and knowledge-sharing with fellow participants related to detecting and mitigating threats. 

June 8th we'll start with covering how you can get the most from your Splunk investment by automating detection-as-code to easily deploy detections in minutes and learn how you can: 

  • Detect adversary behavior vs. just searching for IOC's
  • Understand what MITRE Attack techniques you can detect and where you have gaps
  • Get rid of your backlog and easily automate the tuning, maintenance, and validation of your detection rules over time
  • And so much more

Join us live every two weeks after that and fine tune your detection engineering skills, meet like-minded experts in cybersecurity, and stay ahead of trending threats with hands-on experiences.

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