What is a SIEM-less Architecture?

Legacy and next-gen SIEM technologies have long been the foundation for enterprise SOCs, but they all require data centralization: ingesting raw data into one place before analytics can be performed. This approach can lead to vendor lock-in and limited visibility over large data sets due to ingestion cost.

A SIEM-less architecture lets you leave your data where it is while still taking advantage of security analytics capabilities — effectively decoupling the logging layer from the analytics layer.

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Anvilogic is the Bridge From Your Legacy SIEM to a Modern SIEM-less Architecture

Anvilogic is the only platform that lets you leave your data where it is without requiring you to ingest all your raw data into a single location or data pipeline. Unlike other SIEMs, you can choose the data lake(s) that align with your organization’s data strategy, eliminating the need to rip and replace or get locked in with a single vendor. We give you the flexibility to incrementally build a bridge from your legacy SIEM to a modern SIEM-less architecture at your own pace while taking advantage of our detection engineering and hunting platform across Snowflake, Splunk, and Azure environments.
80% cost savings

Drastically reduce legacy SIEM costs by decoupling logs from analytics

30k hours saved

Eliminate the hassle of building, deploying, and maintaining detections

+70% ATT&CK coverage

Reduce risk by improving detection coverage mapped to MITRE ATT&CK

Our Platform is Built Different

Leave Your Data Where It Is

Decouple logging from analytics with our platform that allows you to quickly onboard new data from your data lake(s), deploy and tune detections in a few clicks, and hunt more efficiently across your data lake(s) and security tools.

Adopt At Your Own Pace

Move towards a decentralized, SIEM-less future at your own pace with our flexible platform that works with your evolving security strategy, your existing investments, and any data lake(s) you adopt in the future.

Take Action With a SOC Co-Pilot

From detection building with MonteAI to actionable recommendations across the detection engineering lifecycle with Insights, AI shows up throughout our platform to only give you helpful guidance based on your unique environment and priorities.

No Coding Necessary

Spend less time coding and more time doing high-value, high-impact security activities by leveraging out-of-the-box detections and a low/no-code builder that enables high-fidelity detections to reduce risk and improve coverage.

Calculate Your Estimated Cost Savings by Adopting a SIEM-less Architecture Over Time

Enterprise SOC teams use Anvilogic as the security analytics layer on top of the data platforms they choose. This gives you the choice to incrementally migrate all or some of your security data from your existing SIEM into a data lake like Snowflake for significant cost savings without sacrificing security.
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Total Logging Compute Costs
Total Logging Storage Costs
Total Logging Estimated Costs with Snowflake

*Snowflake costs are based on Snowflake enterprise level licensing

Compare to:
(est. cost saving 81.26%)
(est. cost saving 86.80%)
(est. cost saving 85.16%)

*Costs savings do not include Anvilogic annual licensing.

** Splunk costs are excluding storage, infrastructure, management, and maintenance of Splunk Infrastructure

Premium Security
Without the Premium Cost

Eliminate legacy SIEM licensing costs by an average of 80% (based on 1TB+ of data) by adopting a modern SIEM-less architecture with Anvilogic on Snowflake, giving you valuable visibility into data sets (like Crowdstrike FDR) that were untapped due to cost.
Cost Effective

Reduce legacy SIEM licensing costs when ingesting valuable yet expensive data sets (like Crowdstrike FDR). Anvilogic helps remove this dependency by migrating you to a modern SIEM-less architecture on top of Snowflake at your own pace, resulting in 80% cost savings on average (based on 1TB+ of data).


No matter if data lives in Snowflake, Splunk, or Azure, Anvilogic helps you quickly onboard data and deploy detections to your data lakes in minutes without writing code. We automate your detection engineering lifecycle, saving 30k hours on average with our prescriptive insights and recommendations.

Better Security

Reduce risk and achieve better visibility by improving your security detection coverage and adoption of MITRE ATT&CK. Based on your unique environment and priorities, Anvilogic provides actionable guidance that can improve your MITRE ATT&CK coverage by 70% on average.

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Scale Detection Engineering And Threat Hunting Across All Of Your Data Lakes And Security Tools.

Scale Detection Engineering And Threat Hunting Across All Of Your Data Lakes And Security Tools.

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