#10 Part 3 | Time for Your Check-up: Leverage AI to Monitor the Health of Your Security Environment

October 12, 2023

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No one likes an unexpected doctor’s visit so before it escalates into something bad (or costly), we can take preventative measures to mitigate that risk. The same goes for our security environment. Instead of regular physical check-ups at the doctor’s office, we can use digital check-ups (spoiler alert: it’s AI) to monitor the health of our environment and ensure it’s performing at its most optimal level.

Join us for Episode 10 of the Dispatch Series with Michael Hart & Scott Rodgers, Principal Data Scientists at Anvilogic, to learn how you can leverage AI to:

  • Continuously monitor your detections, data sources, and macros
  • Help you maintain a healthy security environment to prevent the unexpected
  • Understand where you can improve to ensure your environment is performing optimally
Episode Host Headshot
Mike Hart
Principal Data Scientist, Anvilogic
Episode Host Headshot
Scott Rodgers
Principal Data Scientist, Anvilogic

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