#17 Unlocking LLM Use Cases for Security Operations

February 29, 2024

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Mike Hart & Scott Rodgers, Principal Data Scientists at Anvilogic, sit down to discuss how SOC teams can leverage LLMs and work effectively with their data scientists to let the machines do more work, for you ;) We’ll cover a few different things like:

- The upskilling effect, aka how LLMs take what you’re already doing and make it better for detection engineers by understanding patterns, automating manual tasks, and synthesizing the data beforehand

- Leveraging LLMs to get more from your threat intel and research (perfect if you attended our last dispatch on threat research!)

- How security data lakes unlock advanced AI use cases for detection engineers by leveraging Snowflake

- Examples of how our own LLM technology finds attacks and interesting events in different environments

Want to fuel the discussion? Bring examples of how you're currently using LLMs in your SOC and let's chat!

Episode Host Headshot
Mike Hart
Principal Data Scientist, Anvilogic
Episode Host Headshot
Scott Rodgers
Principal Data Scientist, Anvilogic

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