#18 Five Security Data Lake 'Aha Moments' for Detection Engineers

March 14, 2024

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Omer Singer, VP of Strategy and Tim Frazier, Sales Engineering Director sit down to discuss how security data lakes can unlock new use cases, and more effective and efficient processes for detection engineering teams. They’ll dive into these 5 'Aha Moments':

1. The Era of 'Hot Data Retention' means all data can now be accessible for analysis, retrieval, and rehydration without the cost limitations of monolithic SIEMs.

2. Multi-data platform security analytics allow you to build multi-dimensional detections where you can combine signals from different sources at query time, rather than logging repositories that depend on enriching data at load time.

3. Empowering data science in the SOC with security data lakes, specifically Snowflake, allow SOCs to begin adding ML workloads to their daily operations, which unlocks additional use cases like detection content improvement, advanced search capabilities, and more.

4. Accessibility to more data means you can build more complex correlations across multiple sources which help you generate higher-fidelity alerts.

5. Infinite scalability removes the worry of not being able to analyze growing loads of data because data-cloud platforms allow you to quickly scale your compute.

Episode Host Headshot
Omer Singer
VP of Strategy, Anvilogic
Episode Host Headshot
Tim Frazier
Sales Engineering Director, Anvilogic

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