#21 Data Lakes Uncharted: Navigating Security Frontiers with Ryan Fitch

May 9, 2024

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In this compelling episode, we hang out with the esteemed Ryan Fitch, a SecOps leader with an impressive background that bridges the gap between technical expertise and strategic leadership.As the guardian of an expansive infrastructure that spans Windows, Linux, and cloud-native SaaS apps, we will discuss complexities and challenges that come with navigating a cutting-edge security program.

Ryan has played a pivotal role in steering his team towards innovative data lake approach.

We will discuss the hurdles of protecting, securing, and monitoring a vast landscape, and how these challenges have shaped the strategies and tactics his team employs to detect threats.

Join us as we uncover the strategic and technical dimensions of evolving SOC operations unlocking insights that are as transformative as they are practical for today's cybersecurity leaders.  Is it actually possible to increase security coverage and performance while simultaneously decreasing spend? You will hear it here first!!

Episode Host Headshot
Ryan Fitch
SVP, Enterprise Financial Services Firm
Episode Host Headshot
Alex Hurtado
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Anvilogic

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