Cybersecurity Incident Report Writing Workshop

#23 Cybersecurity Incident Report Writing Workshop

June 6, 2024

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This episode of Detection Dispatch will feature a workshop where Kevin Zuk will teach us the basics of how to write a good incident report. This workshop is intended for analysts and senior analysts that exclusively work with evidence. Several tools will be utilized as part of a repeatable and scalable investigation and documentation process that includes evidence, timelining and deliverables. Both short and long form reporting is covered and the content is applicable for any team and incident size.

In addition to the investigation and documentation process, we will discuss tips & tricks for dealing with stakeholders during various stages of the investigation will be discussed. We'll cover some best practices and suggestions on how to successfully task teams of analysts and investigators will be covered. Those that follow along with the presentation and complete the lab work should be prepared to document incident findings.

Episode Host Headshot
Kevin Zuk
Threat Hunting Engineer, Anvilogic
Episode Host Headshot
Alex Hurtado
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Anvilogic

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