#4 Analyzing Powershell Scripts: A Deep-Dive for Threat Hunters

July 20, 2023

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Come join us for our fourth episode in our bi-weekly series where we’ll dig into all things Powershell Scripts. Understanding and effectively analyzing Powershell in any security team is crucial to secure your systems, detect threats quicker, and mitigate risks. In this session we’ll go over: 

  • A variety of Analysis Types and Tools to help you hunt better 
  • Common decoders and where you’ll see them most 
  • Example walkthroughs of how you should analyze Powershell Scripts and Cobalt Strikes

This session will help you fine-tune your hunting skills when you encounter a threat, understand popular types of payloads, and triage efficiently. Stay tuned for the giveaway where you can apply your learnings hands-on!

Episode Host Headshot
Kevin Zuk
Threat Hunting Engineer, Anvilogic
Episode Host Headshot
Jade Catalano
Sr. Director Product Marketing, Anvilogic

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