#5 Rakuten Mobile Defends Against MFA Attack Techniques by Leveraging Anvilogic and Splunk

August 3, 2023

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We know that cybersecurity fatigue is real, not just with alerts but attacks too. A Multi-factor authentication (MFA) fatigue attack involves an attacker wearing down a victim's resistance to obtain their MFA information or bypassing MFA measures altogether. So how do you protect against these attacks? Join Sota Aoki, Security Engineer @ Rakuten, and Rohith Kondeti, Forward Deployed Engineer @ Anvilogic to see how Rakuten Mobile uses Anvilogic and Splunk to:

  • Beat fatigue (yes it's possible)
  • Defend against MFA fatigue attacks
  • How to identify and use similar principles for other attacks

To protect your organization from these kind of attacks, you need to stay vigilant and aware, with effective detections that are ready to deploy. Join the session to hear from Sota, and see how Anvilogic can empower your Splunk investment to defend against these type of attacks

Episode Host Headshot
Sota Aoki
Security Engineer, Rakuten
Episode Host Headshot
Rohith Kondeti
Forward Deployed Engineer, Anvilogic

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