#7 Detection Engineering Fundamentals: Best Practices for Building Robust Detections

August 31, 2023

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Join us for our 7th episode where we'll continue diving deeper into the fundamentals of detection engineering. In this episode, Tim Frazier and Eric Hines will go through the basics of:

  • How to build detections with a hands-on example
  • How to organize your various detections
  • How to ensure your detection engineering program can scale with detection-as-code principles

No matter your skill level, this session is a great way to get a different perspective on your detection engineering basics, and see how we're using detection-as-code at scale!

Episode Host Headshot
Tim Frazier
Sales Engineering Director, Anvilogic
Episode Host Headshot
Eric Hines
Sr. Manager Threat Detection & Research, Anvilogic

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