Anvilogic for Detection Engineers

Build Detections in Minutes Across Your Data Platforms

Save hours of testing, researching, and documenting detections by using a flexible platform to build, test, and deploy detections in minutes across data lakes and query languages.

Simplify Detection Engineering and Hunting With a SOC Co-Pilot

Simplify Your Detection
Engineering Lifecycle

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Threat Research

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New detections released daily to combat threats
Build, Test, Deploy

One-Click Deploy

1000s of detections for multiple logging platforms

Your Co-Pilot

Automated tuning, maintenance & health monitoring insights
Mature & Improve


Visibility to improve detection coverage across your environment
Performed in Minutes
Takes Days or Weeks...

Legacy Detection

Manual Research
Internet search
Social media
Threat intel feeds
Tracking &
Ticket MGMT.
Bug trackers
Develop, Test,
Log Analytics
Manual Health & Performance Maintenance
Metrics & Reporting
Metrics & Reporting
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For Security Operations Teams
Live Sessions

Join Us Bi-weekly

We launched a live series of recurring workshops to help security practitioners like you fine-tune their detection engineering skills and build a community of like-minded experts.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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“The OpenAI chatbot feature shortens the detection co-writing process. It’s like having a SQL expert right there showing you quick answers on what the SQL code should look like.”

Georgin Lau

Director of Security Engineering

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“Allowlisting, version control, and easy rollout of detections made Anvilogic stick out. These are features that our SIEM was severely lacking.”

Jason Murphy

VP Information & Cyber Security

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“Threat scenarios is something that is very helpful for our SOC in terms of alert fidelity. This decreased our false positives and painted a more specific picture for the analyst to understand the whole attack chain.”

Sota Aoki

Security Engineer

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Receive weekly reports and active notifications of relevant threats to harden your security posture.

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